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Statement from the Board of Directors 

February 9, 2024

In response to the horrible accident and loss of so many that have affected Dauphin and the greater community in Manitoba and across Canada since the tragic accident in June of 2023, The Dauphin and District Community Foundation (DDCF) has been focused on how we could contribute to our community's healing.

After being approached by the City of Dauphin immediately following the horrific accident near Carberry, the DDCF worked closely with the City of Dauphin to establish the Support our Seniors Fund, as many people wanted to honour those lost by making a personal gift. The City believed the community foundation was the most effective mechanism to be able to respond quickly to these requests and support the community. The Support our Seniors fund was established to provide this service to those looking for a way to honour those who lost their lives in the tragic accident. CRA regulations do not allow community foundations to grant to families or individuals and all donations are endowed to provide grants supporting their communities.

After hearing from families of the victims, the first grant from this fund will be used toward the creation of a permanent memorial to remember the victims of the accident. We look forward to continuing to work with the families to ensure that the grants from this fund reflect their wishes and the interest of the community.

This fund was created to remember the victims, and to continue to honour them by supporting our community through seniors’ activities, programming and equipment.

Our hearts remain with the victims and their families.

Board of Directors

What is a Community Foundation? / What we do

Community Foundations are a network of charitable organizations that provide long term support for initiatives and improve the lives of people in a specific geographical area. This is done with the help of charitable gifts from donors to create an endowment fund. The investment income is then used to make grants. The Dauphin & District Community Foundation is one of over 200 members of the Community Foundations of Canada, and one of 56 in Manitoba. We are proud to be part of a national effort and a member of the  Community Foundations of Canada. We are also affiliates of The Winnipeg Foundation, the first community foundation in Canada.

Vision & Mission

Vision - "Enhancing quality of life in our community”
Mission - "To raise, invest and grant funds through community leadership, education and effective partnerships thereby enhancing quality of life in our community.
Board members
Valerie McInnes
Darren Eddie
Daryl Bacon
Kristen Haverluck
Martijn van Luijn
Rita Dupley
Anjeela Rungloll Asrayah
Joe Houston

Wayne Heide

Cam Abrey
Lindsay Dingwall

What's new?


Giving Challenge - Nov 13-19, 2023

Thank you to everyone who donated during the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge.  Thanks to your support, we received $86,849 plus $4,000 in stretch dollars from the Winnipeg Foundation and the Manitoba Government, for a total of $90,849.  Thank you to our very generous donors!  This will have an impact on our area forever through our granting program.


Tim Hortons Holiday Smile Cookie

Thank you to all of our fellow cookie lovers and our supporters.  We received $12,839 through the Tim Hortons Holiday Smile Cookie Campaign.  

A huge thank you to Tim Hortons for selecting our foundation as a recipient, and to the amazing staff at the Tim Hortons in Dauphin for their friendly assistance.   

Thank you to the volunteers that helped decorate the cookies, and kept the smiles coming!  It was a wonderful and fun week.


NEW: Support our Seniors Fund

The Parkland is still reeling from the motor vehicle accident on June 15, 2023 near Carberry, MB that claimed the lives of 16 Dauphin and area residents and left nine others in hospital. But we’ve rallied together as a community to support each other.

Many people near and far have expressed condolences and words of encouragement to us; we appreciate you thinking of our community.

Dauphin and District Community Foundation’s new Fund “Support Our Seniors” will provide funding to programming, equipment, and activities that support seniors, and will be administered through our traditional community foundation model. Those who are interested can make a tax-deductible donation through the following options:
• click the "Make a Donation" button at the top of the page and mention the "Support Our Seniors Fund
• Call toll free 1-877-974-3631
• Call DDCF at 204-638-4598
• In person at 100 Main Street S in Dauphin, MB
As obituaries are being posted, families are also conveying the wishes of their loved ones. People may choose to donate to those charities.

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